Cocktail being strained
Cocktail in a tall glass
Cocktail on a wood table
Salmon, salad, and an aperol sprint on an outdoor table
A smiling couple
Noodles being pulled out of a bowl with chopsticks
Noodles being eaten with chopsticks
Banh mi sandwich
Chocolate cake
Wine being poured
Granola and yogurt bowl in bright sunlight
The Bahai gardens in Haifa, Israel
Cats curled up in a box of tomatoes
Israeli breakfast
A tourtist reading a map
A bauhaus style building in tel aviv
Bucatini carbonara on a plate
Oysters with mignonette
Man eating yogurt outside
Biscuit on a picnic table
Taco in tin foil in direct sunlight
Pasta on a white plate
Pulled pork sandwich in hand
Fried fish sandwich
Man cutting food in a bowl with a knife and fork
Man pouring water in a grill to smoke pork shoulder
A building in Savannah GA
Cardamom buns
a bbq platter
a proposal