Transactional Emails

Transactional Emails

Drizly's existing communications around order execution were outdated and didn't convey the necessary information for a seamless delivery experience. I began first by redesigning the gifting-related emails, as part of the gift sender redesign, but soon realized the entire set of emails needed to be revamped to be more useful and to incorporate the new branding.

Brand Design

Communication Design


The Problem

Drizly's email communications didn't convey the necessary information or match the new brand. As a result, customers (and especially new-to-Drizly gift recipients) were confused.

The Solution

Design the transactioanl email communications to increase clarity around the delivery process (particularly for gift recipients), and apply the new brand voice.

Business Context

In June 2022 Drizly launched a rebrand. We updated our color scheme, fonts, logo, and imagery style across the site and our marketing materials. This rebrand gave us more polish and breathed new life into the product and communications. Our "transacational" or life-cycle email communications needed to be redone to match the new brand, but it was also an opportunity to better convey crucial product information - particularly in regards to gifting - to help users have a better Drizly experience, hopefully reducing customer service contact rates and increasing repeat shopping behavior.


Product Designer (Me)

Brand Project Manager

Creative Director


Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Front End Engineer

Drizly's brand team owned and was responsible for the rebrand at large. Product design was involved in translating the brand into UI elements for the site and we collaborated to interject "brand moments" where appropriate. Transactional emails fell at the intersection of brand and product and since I had already been working on the digital occasion cards for the revamped gift sender experience, I took the initiative to liase with brand for the transactional emails as well.

Existing emails

DoorDash gifting experience

The existing emails had a number of problems. For one thing, they were of course in our old brand - font, imagery, icons, etc. - needed to be updated. They also did not feel cohesive across the board and the copy did not convey the necessary information.

Updated emails

DoorDash gifting experience

I worked within the new brand guidelines to update each template, making them feel cohesive across the board, highlighting the relevant CTAs, and conveying crucial information for shoppers.

DoorDash gifting experience

Oftentimes, gift recipients' very first interaction with Drizly is through this email. They may never have even heard of us and not understand what we do at this stage. It was curcial to quickly provide a tagline so users would understand, and also repeatedly point them to the "schedule gift" CTA. I also incorportated the new digital occasion cards, which the sender selects in the new gift sender flow.

DoorDash gifting experience

Once the gift has been scheduled, it's important to convey the necessary information needed to actually receive the gift. People often don't realize that they need to be at home with an ID - the delivery driver can't just leave it on the front step.

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