The Gathering Plate

A conceptual exploration into how a community-based food experience could benefit a children's hospital


This project was my Honors Interdisciplinary Thesis project during my final semester at Northeastern. It combines my passion for healthcare with my love of food, in an exploration of how food and community could positively impact the experience of a prolonged hospital stay.

What I did

I worked on this project alone with the support of my advisors: Mark Sivak and Lorna Hayward. I completed research, conducted interviews, developed designs of layouts, brand, and experience, and even created a VR walkthrough. The project culminated with a website and a final paper.


What I learned

This project, though entirely conceptual, showed me that there are huge opportunities in combining healthcare and food. It inspired me to think outside the box and imagine a patient experience that, unfortunately, doesn't yet exist.

Project Details

Date: Spring 2019
Contributors: Brenna Sorkin
Skills: Experience design, branding
Client: University Honors - Interdisciplinary Thesis