Who am I?

My name is Brenna Sorkin and I'm a full stack designer (a not-frequently-used term I believe should have its day in the sun). I spend my time focusing on how people interact with the world, and I want to make those experiences both fruitful and delightful. I'm most passionate about social determinants of health and I'm particularly interested in food systems. If you so desire you can read more about me.

Some stuff I've worked on

The Grocery Outpost website on a laptop screen

Grocery Outpost

Project Management & Overall Brand Presence

I was responsible for the online presence of a small start-up making local goods more accessible. I built the website in Shopify and handled the newsletter and social media posts.

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The Gathering Plate

Conceptual UX Design

This project was a conceptual exploration into how a community-based food experience could benefit a children's hospital by providing both nourishment and enrichment.

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A bi-fold menu decorated with floral imagery
An iPhone with the Always Hungry app mockup on it

Always Hungry

UX Research & Mobile Interaction Design

This project took the research and program from Dr. David Ludwig's groundbreaking book and converted it into an app to help participants track their behavior and progress.

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