I love the aesthetics of good design, but more so I'm devoted to bringing form and function together, and I believe in designing for accessibility first (asking me about my missing finger). I'm particularly interested in projects relating to food & beverage and/or fitness & health. If you so desire you can read more about me.

Currently designing @ Drizly.


A laptop showing the checkout flow

Streamlined Checkout

Product Design

Designed web flow for checkout at Drizly, resuling in a $2 million impact.

A laptop showing the checkout flow

Gift Sender Flow

Product Design

Updated gift sender flow for iOS & web at Drizly to increase personalization.

An iPhone and iPad showing emails

Transactional Emails

Communication Design

Designed emails for all communications relating to order execution at Drizly.

A notebooks with words and sketches.

Digital Occasion Cards

Graphic & Brand Design

Implemented Drizly's new brand on digital cards that can be selected by gift senders.

The Grocery Outpost website on a laptop screen

Grocery Outpost

Strategy & Design

Web design for a small start-up making local produce and food products available.

An iPhone with the Always Hungry app mockup on it

Always Hungry

Research & UX

Mobile app design for a nutrition & lifestyle program developed by Dr. David Ludwig.